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chews and toffee
Offers New, used and rebuilt machines for
making of - Chews and Toffees
chews and toffee
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CF4 Candy Forming machine for Chews and Toffee
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AMP-Rose manufactures the CF4 Candy Forming machine for making of chews and toffee in India. Our company is largest supplier of CF4 Candy Forming Machine, Uniplast Dies, and Coating Pans. CF4 Candy Forming Machine manufactures the Solid and Centre-filled product of Hard Candy, Toffee Eclairs and Chews Candy respectively.
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Candy Forming Dies
candy forming Uniplast Dies
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Candy Forming Accessories
die cleaner Die Cleaner
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die lifting trolley Die Lifting Trolley
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The Candyformer range of equipment has been designed for the continuous production of seamless sweets, using a ‘Uniplast’ type rotary die arrangement. Outputs in excess of 1000kgs/hour can be achieved.

Solid and centre-filled products of the following varieties have all been successfully manufactured;
• Hard candies
• Toffee éclairs
• Chewy candies

The machines have been designed to withstand the rigours of high-output confectionery production, and are manufactured to ‘CE’ safety standards.

A typical production line comprises of the F44 Centre filler, BR44 Batch roller, VRS66 Rope sizer, CF4 Forming machine and CR81/2 cooling conveyor.

The CF4 is at the heart of the candy processing line and has therefore been designed with strength and durability as its main assets. A substantial cast iron frame supports the drive, candy feed rollers, die head and the integral conveyor/spreader discharge. The machine has a number of features, which make it an ideal choice for candy manufacturers.
  • Die rotation speed is variable by AC Inverter
  • The speed of the infeed rollers can be varied relative to the speed of the die, which is particularly useful for difficult products like chewy candy
  • The main drive is through timing belts to reduce noise level and moving parts
  • Spreader conveyor motor is independent and adjustable
  • Integral fan to force air to the spreader conveyor, die and candy feed rollers
  • Scrap tray under the die with outlet for connection to a dust extraction unit
  • Spring loaded one piece pressure cam with cam rollers (optional pneumatic control)
  • Automatic lubrication to cams and bearings
  • Automatic matrix ring pressure relief to reduce die wear
  • Fast die removal by use of clamps and sliding pull back cams
  • Overhead crane feature to allow easy removal of die front cover
  • Smooth lines for easy cleaning
A maximum of 100 die revolutions per minute can be achieved. For a sweet diameter of 20mm weighing 5 grams this equates to 1320kgs/ hour
Die Cleaner DC 100/200
It enables quick efficient washing of uniplast dies ensuring GMP standards are achieved during product changeover and routine maintenance procedures. An essential item in any modern manufacturing environment.

Die lifting trolley
Provides safe and efficient removal /replacement of dies for the forming machine.
Candy Forming Dies
Uniplast Die
As well as supplying ‘Uniplast’ type dies for the CF4 machine, we can also provide dies suitable for other machines, such as Super Robust, Super/ Baby Rostoplast, ‘Strada’ type chain dies and Bosch dies etc. We even supply dies for lollipop forming machines. Die lifting and die washing machines are also available.
160H dies   Baby Rostoplast   Strada

'Uniplast' type for 160 A/B/C/D.
A.M.P Rose CF4

Also 160H dies 

  Super Rostoplast' type 96A, 
'Super Robust'
type 85A,
'Baby Rostoplast' 
   'Strada' 700/900/1200
Main drive 4kw
Spreader 0.37kw
Fan 1.5kw
Heaters 0.7kw
Compressed air 0.002m3 per hour @5 BAR
Nett Weight 1300kgs
floorplan Candy former